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RDS Analyst Discussion and Help Forum

The best way to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions is through the RDS Analyst users group.

To post and receive messages from this forum, you need to join. To subscribe, send an email to sympa@sympa.cts.ucla.edu with a subject that follows this example:

Subscribe Stat_RDSAnalyst_Help name

where name is the name you want to be called on the list e.g. Mark S. Handcock (spaces and punctuation are fine).

You can use the forum to:

  • get help from the Hard-to-Reach Population Methods Research Group and other users
  • post questions, comments and ideas to other users
  • be informed about RDS Analyst updates
  • learn about bugs (and bug fixes)
  • If you find bugs, please report them and use "Bug:" in the subject line.
  • For software feature requests, use "Feature Request:" in the subject line.

Once you have joined the list, you can post your questions and comments to RDSAnalyst_help@stat.ucla.edu.

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