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General Chart Control:

  1. Right click to show the popup menu.
  2. To zoom in: Choose "ZoomIn" from the popup menu or hold on the left mouse button and focus on the area you want to zoom in and grag toward lower_right corner.
  3. To zoom out: Choose "ZoomOut" from the the popup menu or hold on the left mouse button and grag toward upper_left corner.
  4. To change chart properties such as background color, Font, outline stroke: Choose "Properties" from the popup menu and make the change to Title/Plot.

General Chart Description: See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chart for more infomantion.

  • A bar chart is a chart with rectangular bars of lengths usually proportional to the magnitudes or frequencies of what they represent.
  • A pie chart is a circular chart divided into segments, illustrating relative magnitudes or frequencies. In a pie chart, the arc length of each segment and consequently its central angle and area, is proportional to the quantity it represents. Together, the segments create a full disk.
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