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Note: current version of this book can be found at http://wiki.stat.ucla.edu/socr/index.php/EBook


Table of contents


Learning and Instructional Usage

Chapter I: Introduction to Statistics

The Nature of Data and Variation
Uses and Abuses of Statistics
Design of Experiments
Statistics with Tools (Calculators and Computers)

Chapter II: Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data

Types of Data
Summarizing Data with Frequency Tables
Pictures of Data
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Variation
Measures of Shape
EBook/Graphs and Exploratory Data Analysis

Chapter III: Probability

Rules for Computing Probabilities
Probabilities Through Simulations

Chapter IV: Probability Distributions

Random Variables
Expectation (Mean) and Variance
Bernoulli and Binomial Experiments
Multinomial Experiments
Geometric, Hypergeometric and Negative Binomial
Poisson Distribution

Chapter V: Normal Probability Distribution

The Standard Normal Distribution
Nonstandard Normal Distribution: Finding Probabilities
Nonstandard Normal Distribution: Finding Scores (Critical Values)

Chapter VI: Relations Between Distributions

The Central Limit Theorem
Law of Large Numbers
Normal Distribution as Approximation to Binomial Distribution
Poisson Approximation to Binomial Distribution
Binomial Approximation to HyperGeometric
Normal Approximation to Poisson

Chapter VII: Point and Interval Estimates

Estimating a Population Mean: Large Samples
Estimating a Population Mean: Small Samples
Student's T distribution
Estimating a Population Proportion
Estimating a Population Variance

Chapter VIII: Hypothesis Testing

Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing
Testing a Claim about a Mean: Large Samples
Testing a Claim about a Mean: Small Samples
Testing a Claim about a Proportion
Testing a Claim about a Standard Deviation or Variance

Chapter IX: Inferences From Two Samples

Inferences About Two Means: Dependent Samples
Inferences About Two Means: Independent Samples
Comparing Two Variances
Inferences about Two Proportions

Chapter X: Correlation and Regression

Variation and Prediction Intervals
Multiple Regression

Chapter XI: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)


Chapter XII: Non-Parametric Inference

Differences of Medians (Centers) of Two Paired Samples
Differences of Medians (Centers) of Two Independent Samples
Differences of Proportions of Two Samples
Differences of Means of Several Independent Samples
Differences of Variances of Two Independent Samples

Chapter XIII: Multinomial Experiments and Contingency Tables

Multinomial Experiments: Goodness-of-Fit
Contingency Tables: Independence and Homogeneity

Additional EBook Chapters (under Development)

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