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Introduction: The SOCRChart applet is a collection of data plotting tool, and it allows you to:

  1. Visualize your own data graphically.
  2. Generate some statistical plots such as: StatisticalBarChart(BoxPlot), StatisticalLineChart(ScatterPlot), NormalDistributionPlot, BoxAndWhiskerChart.

How to use the SOCRChart Applets:

  1. Select a chart from the SOCRChart list from the left control panel, a demo of the selected chart type will be shown in the right display panel.
  2. Click on the "DATA" tab in the right display panel to view the data used in the demo in a table form. The data and the headings are all editable for you to enter your own data.
  3. For each chart type, the "MAPPING" is set for the demo data. You can make change as needed using the "Add"/"Remove" button.
  4. After making data/mapping changes, click on the "UPDATE_CHART" button to get the plot updated.
  5. Click the "DEMO" button will reset everything to the demo state.
  6. Click the "CLEAR" button will clear all for you to start entering your own data.


  1. .You can select table cells and use the "COPY"/"PASTE" button to copy/paste data in the data table.
  2. The "SNAPSHOT" button can be used to save a snapshot of the graph to your own computer.
  3. To add a extra row to the data table, hit "enter" key in the last cell. Hit "tab" key in the last cell will add a extra column.
  4. To report bugs or make recommendations please visit: SOCR Home Page.
  5. SOCRChart is based on JFreeChart and uses it's rendering engine to render the chart image. See JFreeChart for more information.

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