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Stats 13.1 - Laboratory Activity 3

You can access the applet for any of the distributions at under the ”Distributions” tab. Use SOCR to graph the following distributions and answer the questions below. Also, comment on the shape of each one of these distributions.

Binomial Distribution Activity


X~Binom(10,.5) Find: P(x = 3),E(X), sd(X) and verify them with the formulas discussed in class.


X~Binom(10,.1) Find and verify:

P(1 <= x <= 3)


X~Binom(10,.9) Find and verify:

P(5 < x < 8)

P(x < 8)

P(x <= 7)

P(x >= 9)

====4==== X~Binom(30,.1)

Find and verify:

P(x > 2)

Distribution Comparision

Graph and comment on the shape of binomial with n = 20,p = 0.1 and n = 20,p = 0.9 (take a snapshot of each). Now, keep n = 20 but change p = 0.45. How about when n = 80,p = 0.1? Take another snapshot. What changes do you observe in the distribution as the parameters change? Watch both the change in shape as well as the changing number on the x and y axes.

Smaller n Larger n Smaller p Larger p

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