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SOCR Surveys - Stat 100A, Fall 2005, N. Christou, SOCR Survey

Q1. Does the SOCR software help you learn the material taught in class?

          1  		2		3		4		5
Not at all						                     a lot

Q2. Do you think SOCR will enhance students’ understanding if it is incorporated into the lectures on a regular basis?

           1  		2		3		4		5
disagree 							         agree

Q3. If you are taking Statistics 100B next quarter, would you like SOCR to be part of the lecture or the seminar?

     Lecture  			seminar   	     	both 		none

Q4. Do you have any other suggestions or comments regarding SOCR?

Summary of the Survey.


   	 1  2 3  4 5    Total
      not at all				a lot
Count     0 0	1 8 1 10
Percent   	10% 80% 10%


   1   2 3 4	5        Total
    disagree				agree
Count        0  0 5 2 3 10
Percent   	   50% 20% 30%


   	lecture	seminar	both 		none		      Total
Count   2       7	1  0		10
Percent   	20%	70% 10%	

Q4. Student 1. Can be slow on computer.

Student 2. A. SOCR software was a great resource for the course. I think that more usage of the software would be extremely helpful. B. It is too difficult to incorporate the software into lectures unless we meet outside of the class or add another session for it. C. I think it is definitely useful. But it depends on how much time can be devoted to it.

Student 3. The access to the SOCR software should be simplified.

Student 4. Have SOCR incorporated into the class to further clarify/expand on topic.

Student 5. I think SOCR would be more accessible and helpful if it could be accessed online. I had trouble accessing this program online when I was not in the lab.

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