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SOCR Surveys - Stat 100A, Fall 2005, J. Sanchez, SOCR Survey

Compared with other classes where instructors have not required using technological tools like applets or software for homework, how would you rate the overall effectiveness of the use of the SOCR technology in Stat 100A, Fall 2005?

Question Ranking: Higher Lower Same NA
(a) In understanding the main concepts of the course
(b) In exams grades
(c) In homework grade
(d) In motivating you to learn the material
(e) In considering statistics as a possible major/minor
(f) In motivating you to attend class
(g) In Motivating you to network with fellow students
(h) In estimulating your intellectual curiosity
(i) In Providing you with content needed for your area of studey
(j) In maintaining your attention during class
Open-ended Comments

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