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SOCR Positions - SOCR SRP Summer 2006 Position

  • Position Title: Student Researcher (50%), SRP (paid position)
  • Dates: UCLA Summer Quarter 2006
  • URL:
  • Project Description: This work will involve development of new materials for technology-based probability and statistics instruction, as well as, expanding and testing the current SOCR resources and tools. The researcher will work part time with the SOCR team to design HTML/Wiki pages, educational materials and engineer new concept-specific probability and statistics applets, demonstrations and visualizations. If evidence of satisfactory progress exists, this may evolve into a long-term project.
  • Requirements: UCLA graduate or undergraduate student with a solid background in probability and statistics (, HTML/Wiki ( and Java programming ( Excellent interpersonal and communicational skills.
  • To Apply: Please send your vitae and include a cover letter with a paragraph describing your interests in technology-based instruction, probability and statistics.
  • Contact (

Ivo Dinov
The SOCR Resource
Department of Statistics
UCLA, Box 155404
8125 Mathematical Sciences Bldg.
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554, USA.
Tel. USA + 1-310-825-8430
Fax: USA + 310-206-5658

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