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SOCR News - 2009 SOCR ISI Workshop

SOCR Resources for Data Interaction, Discovery and Learning Probability and Statistics

This will be a 4-hour (1/2 day) hands-on demonstration workshop that will take place in a computer lab setting, where attendees will directly experience and interact with the presented materials. In this workshop, we will showcase the materials developed by the Statistics Online Computational Resource ( There materials are completely open, Internet-accessible, collaborative and multilingual and include research-derived data, computational tools, interactive demonstrations and learning activities. This workshop will be useful to high-school teachers and college-level instructors of probability and statistics courses. All demonstrations will illustrate the learning aspects and the integrated nature of study-designs, data-acquisition, data-exploration, analysis, visualization and interpretation.


  • Presenters: Nicolas Christou & Ivo Dinov
    • Nicolas Christou is a UCLA Statistics faculty and Co-Director of the Statistics Online Computational Resource ( He has extensive experience in spatial and financial data-modeling and statistical analysis and statistics education. Dr. Christou received the prestigious 2008 Brian P. Copenhaver Award for Innovation in Teaching with Technology.
    • Ivo D. Dinov is an associate professor of Statistics and Neurology at UCLA. He is a Co-Director of the Statistics Online Computational resource ( and the Chief Operations Officer of the Center for Computational Biology (CCB) at UCLA. Dr. Dinov’s research blends the development of new probability and statistics educational resources and development of advanced mathematical and statistical models for representation, analysis and visualization of biomedical data. Dr. Dinov is an expert on development, curricular-integration and validation of novel interactive Internet-based resources for statistical computing and statistics education.
  • Date: August 16, 2009
  • Place: Southern Sun Elangeni, Suite 4, classroom 16.
  • ISI 2009 Workshops and 2009 SOCR ISI Workshop.


The attendance of this workshop will be capped at 35 so that all participants are assigned an individual workstation and comfortably seated in a computer lab. Attendees may also bring and use their own LAN/Wi-Fi connected laptops. All participants will follow the presenter’s instructions on their own computers. This will be a hands-on tutorial where attendees will be both active learners and active contributors. They will be encouraged to suggest new materials, revisions of existent resources and make future recommendations. All presented materials will be multilingual with automatic translations into more than 24 different languages.


The 4 specific types of integrated resources that will be demonstrated include:

  • Datasets. This archive includes simulated data, (de-identified) data acquired for research, clinical and general purposes. Many of the datasets in this archive are appropriate for demonstrating concepts in probability modeling, statistical analysis and decision making.
  • Concepts and Methods. A complete electronic multilingual textbook of probability and statistics methods.
  • Virtual Demos. This is a collection of 6 types of SOCR Resources (Distributions, Experiments, Analyses, Modeler, Charts and Applications).
  • Tools and Activities. A variety of computational resources, learning activities and instructional materials.

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